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Firm News Release


Opinions on further promoting the reform of facilitating Starting Business
Mr. Klaus Adolfo of World Bank visited Linfang for research for Project Doing Business
Ms. Que Qin of Shanghai Linfang CPA firm participated 'Seminar on Guideline for Financial Budget Performance Appraisal' organized by CICPA's Professional Standard and Technology Guidance Committee in Beijing on December 25, 2014.
Our associate, Mr. Gu Jiawen, won the second place in the man's singles of the Second 'Ping-pong Impulse' Table Tennis Match
The inaugural meeting of Shanghai Fiscal Performance Evaluation Associate
Deputy Director of Shanghai Finance Ministry, Ms. Yuan Baiwei, visit LFCPA to touch base
Shanghai Linfang Information Technology Co., Ltd has been recognized as "Software Enterprise" and listed in "The 4th Batch of Recognized Software Enterprises in Shanghai"
Linfang CPA firm is ranked as No. 1 in 2013 Annual Audit Quality Evaluation for Agencies by Audit Bureau of Pudong New Area
Representatives from CICPA and CICPA Shanghai, including the Deputy Secretary General of CICPA, Mr. Cai Xiaofeng, , and the Secretary General, Mr. Ren Fangfang of CICPA Shanghai, came to Shanghai Linfang CPA firm and held a research symposium on the topic "Performance Appraisal Business".
LFCPA and LFCTA have won the bid in "2013 Special Audit (Assurance) Service Provider on Gross Payroll"
LFCPA has been ranked among Top 100 CPA Firms in China by CICPA
LFCPA won the bid of "2013 Municipal Fiscal Specialized Fund Audit Service"
LFCTA is on the "List of Credit Level A CTA Firms in Shanghai for the year 2012" published by SCTAA
Vice Chief of Enterprises Department of Ministry of Finance, Mr. Xiao Xuefeng, visited Shanghai Linfang Assets Evaluation Co., Ltd for his survey of the assets evaluation industry
Our colleague, Liu Jing, has won the honorary title of "Expert of Youth "
Bid winning for government procurement C audit (incl. price audit) service provider for entities affiliated to Zhabei District
Bid winning for government procurement C Service provider of budget review, investment control and final accounts audit for infrastructure construction projects of Shanghai Taxation Bureau (Package No. 2)
Our partners, Grace Zhang and Jacky Ling, have won the honorary title of "Brand Building Expert" and "Information Technology Management Expert" respectively.
LFCPA has been enlisted as one of the "Grade A CPA Firm" by Shanghai Institute of CPAs (SICPA) in her "Supervision by Grade" program of 2012
Mr. Fang Yifeng, the Managing Director of Linfang CPA, was elected Vice President of Shanghai Institute of Certified Public Accountants (SICPA) at the Fifth Congress of the SICPA
LFCPA is qualified to undertake commissioned audit projects from the Shanghai Audit Bureau of Putuo District
LFCPA won in a recent bidder and will audit 2011-2012 financial statements for designated administrative institutions of Changning District
LFCPA has been appointed to undertake financial acceptance audit for 'Major Science and Technology Projects' commissioned by the Ministry of Health
LF CPA Firm's Managing Director Fang Yifeng (Frank) Was Awarded the Honorary Title of Advanced Accounting Worker (CPA Category)
LF CPA firm is again awarded as one of the Top 100 CPA firms in China by the Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants
LFCPA is qualified to provide special audit services for the financial supervision bodies of Shanghai
LFCPA won the bid for Audit for Special Shanghai Municipal Financial Fund
LFCPA has been added to the "2011 List of Approved Agents for Investment Business" by Shanghai International Group
LFCPA becomes the No.1 among the first 4 CPA firms honored as Shanghai Key Professional Service & Trade Entity (Accounting Service)
Linfang held her 2010 Annual Meeting
Ms.Yingzhen Lou received reward from SHCPA
Our Managing Director, Mr. Yifeng (Frank) Fang attended the 5th National Congress of Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants (CICPA)
Our Partner Mr. Jie (Jacky) Ling and Mr. Yifeng (Frank) Fang are, among the first batch, rewarded as Senior Certified Public Accountants by CICPA
LFCPA Held Mid-year Review for the First Half of 2010
LFCPA held 2009 annual meeting
LFCPA won the Excellent Prize of Finance & Accounting Basic Work Rating in Shanghai
LFCPA won another bid of government purchase auditing projects in Shanghai
Vice Minister of Finance Ministry Wang Jun visited LFCPA
Profile of Linfang CPA 

Shanghai Linfang Certified Public Accountants Co., Ltd. (LFCPA) is a large-size accounting firm with multi-qualifications and dedicated staff teams. We are capable to assist our clients in various kinds of industries to realize, enhance and protect the corporate value. In both 2010 and 2011 LFCPA is awarded as one of the 'Top 100 CPA firms in China' by the Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Depending on the dedicated teams of qualified employee,Linfang CPA Firm is engaged in a wide range of finance accounting and tax services for many well-established companies and a number of multi-national corporations among the fortune 500. The Firm is experienced in financial statements audit and review, juridical accounting verification, foreign exchange special audit, capital verification, tax compliance service, tax agent services,consulting and advisory for taxation and accounting, enterprise risk management and internal control advisory, due-diligence service, accounting agent and bookkeeping services, special audit projects by governmental organizations,etc. By the end of 2006, LFCPA became a registered accounting firm at U.S. Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) and was qualified to audit US issuers.

Give us an opportunity and we will provide you with our outstanding, professional and integral services that are tailor-made to your specific requirements. We believe in constant communication & follow-up being the foundation for good service and always put our clients' interest in the first place. Independence, Objective and Impartiality are our adamantine motto in providing the professional services to both our honorific home and abroad clients. Since year 2003 when it established, LFCPA has won the below honours:

※ 'Top 100 CPA firms in China
'Grade A CPA Firm' by Shanghai Institute of CPAs (SICPA) in her 'Supervision by Grade' program of 2012.
'Shanghai Key Professional Service & Trade Entity (Accounting Service)'
'Grade A CPA Firm' by Shanghai Pudong New area comprehensive innovative accounting service model base.
Certificate of 'Financial accounting Credit Level A'.
Grade A Taxpaying credit
'Model for Pricing with Good Faith and Self-discipline' by the Shanghai Municipal Pricing Associate.


LFCPA also has five associate companies, which are located in the same office while providing specialized services in different areas. Jointly with LFCPA, we are able to provide “one-stop service” for our clients.

Shanghai Linfang Certified Tax Agent Co., Ltd. provide a series of tax-related services in their specialties, including foreign related tax, tax declaration, tax consultation, company or individual tax agent, tax planning, due diligence survey, and tax related verification etc..

Shanghai Linfang Construction Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. was established in September 2003 and has the qualifications of Construction Engineering Consulting Grade A qualification certificate issued by Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development of the People's Republic of China, and PRC Government Purchase Agency Grade B qualification certificate issued by Shanghai Finance Bureau. Not only that our specialists have extensive knowledge in construction, engineering and economics, moreover, most of them have over 10 years experience in the management of construction cost. The scope of services we are able to provide including: construction cost consulting, project budget & settlement, bidding, agency for tender & government procurement, project appraisal, construction supervision and related business consulting etc. We are building our reputation on our high-quality services achieved by our diligence and dedication work.

Shanghai Linfang Assets Evaluation Co., Ltd. was established in August 1995 with its business license issued by Hongkou Sub-bureau of Shanghai Industrial & Commercial Administration. The principal business is asset appraisal. Our service tenet, like other Linfang associate companies, is: Always putting customer first, Keeping promises, Sustaining quality service and Creating a better future together. The staff team is composed of several very experienced asset valuer and therefore is capable of providing appraisal services for diversified types of assets, including tangible assets, intangible assets, financial instruments, settlement assets, deferred assets, and net assets etc. In the meantime, by closely working with LFCPA, we can also provide related asset audit services.

Shanghai Linfang Real Estate Evaluation Co., Ltd (LFREE) is an intermediary agency specializing in real estate evaluation.The company's business scope covers a wide range of areas including real estate collateral, audit, listing, acquisition, transfer, trade, taxation, immigration, assessment of upset price in auction, real estate revaluation during listed companies restructuring, and real estate consulting. We are providing our customers with outstanding professional services.

Led by a group of IT experts, Shanghai Linfang Information Technology Co., Ltd (LFIT) is a technological innovation-oriented enterprise specialized in software development and related service. LFIT has been recognized by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization as 'Software Enterprise'. We focus on mobile Internet, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things as the main direction to enhance its own technical skills and actively participate in the construction of Shanghai's 'i-city' drive.

We are eagerly looking forward to cooperating with friends from every walk of lives under a mutual understanding and trusted environment to pursue our joint benefits and further development.

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