LFCPA Overview


LFCPA Overview

    Shanghai Linfang CPAs Co., Ltd was established on June 2003 with the approval of Shanghai Finance Bureau, which had the first group of newly-established CPA firms approved after the accounting service market was opened in Shanghai. The registered capital of LFCPA is RMB One Million. The office locates at Shanghai downtown business center 15F Hechuang Building, 450 Caoyang Road. Presently, LFCPA owns over 100 professional staff with multi-qualifications. In 2010, LFCPA was rated the top 100 accounting firms in China by the CICPA.

    The functional departments assigned in our firm include: Audit & Assurance (six departments), Tax Compliance & Assurance, International Tax, Tax & Accounting Services, Business Advisory & Human Resource Services, Quality Control Department, Human Resource & Administration Department, Finance Department, IT Department, Chief Engineer Room, Construction Engineering and Assets Evaluation. By means of strict internal control and supervision, LFCPA is capable of providing all-round and value-added intermediate services to the whole society. In 2006, the firm became a registered accounting firm of US PCAOB, and was qualified for auditing services for US listed companies..

   Service Ideas

   LFCPA Overview

    Let the client to choose us and we are always ready to provide services with leading concepts. LFCPA's professional staffs are clear that up-to-date service notion should be combined with fine communication and on a follow-up basis. We believe that communication is a pre-requisition and follow-up service is a consequential procedure.

    Communication is applied to the whole business process of receiving clients engagements, including signing the engagement letter, making out professional service plans, implementation of the plan etc. By means of good communication with clients and frequent exchange of information, a mutual trust and understanding was established for both parties benefits.

   Service Range

LFCPA Overview

    Depending on our professional knowledge and practical experience in audit, taxation and enterprise financial accounting, LFCPA is capable of providing value-added services to our clients, and meeting various kinds of requirement at different levels.

    Our services involved various large and middle enterprises, including a number of foreign invested enterprises, representative offices and regional offices among the Top-500. The main service contents include:

  Tax agent services

Tax advisory services Enterprise restructure tax planning
  Tax compliance & withholding services Finance & taxation advisory services Personal taxation services
  Audit services Accounting  setup & internal control  Bookkeeping agent
  Business risk management services Due diligence service Business training service

   IT Management

LFCPA Overview


    Information technology management stimulated LFCPA's working efficiency and enhanced the internal management standard, which provided strong support to up-to-date service.

    For the aim of making service quality more effective and proficient, we developed a special system named MIS and applied it to our daily working procedures, workflow control and internal management. The firm is also equipped with a powerful intranet that combines LAN, internet communication and data bank as a whole.


LFCPA Overview


    For the purpose of meeting clients needs in our deriving services, Shanghai Linfang Construction Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd (LFCE), the inter-company of LFCPA, composing of nearly 20 CE professional staff specialized in construction costs, consulting services and bidding projects, was established in 2003 at the same office location. LFCE's goal is: Quality Means Reputation, Reputation Means Development.

    Shanghai Linfang Certified Tax Agents Co., Ltd was established at the same office location. The company specializes in all kinds of foreign taxes, tax filing, tax consulting services, cooperate and personal tax registration, tax planning, due diligence, tax compliances etc.

    Shanghai Linfang Assets Evaluation Co., Ltd was established on August 1995 with a large number of professional certified public valuers. The company specializes in the evaluation of tangible assets, intangible assets, financial assets, liquidated assets, deferred assets and net assets. Together with LFCPA, the company will expend its business to audit services that relate to assets evaluation, providing full services of assets auditing and assets evaluation.

    We provide reliable services to the whole society with good professional ethics and professional skills. We wish to grow and expand with the establishment of trust, understanding and communication with our clients.

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