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LFCPA is qualified to undertake commissioned audit projects from the Shanghai Audit Bureau of Putuo District


    The first meeting of Fifth Congress of the SICPA and the Fifth Council Meeting was held at the Science Hall on July 5, 2012.

    The meeting summed up the experience of the development of the industry and the associations, and put forwarded an overall vision of the future five-year development of the industry. The Work Report  of the Fourth Council and the revised "Constitution of SICPA” were reviewed and approved; the Fifth Council and the General Council were elected with Mr. Ren Lianyou being elected as the President. The new council is composed of 75 directors including 25 managing directors; Ms. Yuan Baiwei, Mr. Zhu Jiandi and Mr. Fang Yifeng were elected as Vice Presidents;  Mr. Ren Fangfang was elected the Secretary-General,  Mr. Zhang Youmo and Mr. Luo Zhengying, the deputy Secretary-Generals,  at the first meeting of the Fifth Council as recommended by the Municipal Finance Bureau.  Eight specialized committees were also established including Finance Committee 8 (exclusively). The Congress was concluded by the warm applause.
    The Deputy Secretary of Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, Mr. Han Zheng, has sent a letter expressing warm congratulations on the convening of the congress. He fully endorsed the SICPA for the role played in the innovation and restructuring development of Shanghai. He encouraged SICPA and the industry to make new contributions to Shanghai in her progress of achieving "the four first" and establishing herself as "four centers".
    The Vice Finance Minister and President of the China Institute of Certified Public Accountants (CICPA), Mr. Li Yong, Vice Mayor of Shanghai, Mr. Tu Guangshao, the Secretary-General of CICPA, Mr. Chen Yugui, Deputy Secretary-General of the Shanghai Municipal Government and the Director of Shanghai Municipal Finance Bureau, Mr. Jiang Zhuoqing, Secretary of Accounting Department of Ministry of Finance, Mr. Yang Min, and other leaders have presented at the congress and delivered important speeches.

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