Deputy Director of Shanghai Finance Ministry, Ms. Yuan Baiwei, visit LFCPA to touch base


  As one of her series of 'touch base' activities, Ms. Yuan Baiwei, the Deputy Director of Shanghai Finance Ministry and the Secretary of the Party Committee of (Shanghai Institute of CPAs) SICPA, come to LFCPA and hold symposium with heads of party organization and the management of our firm On October 11.

   During the symposium, we briefed Ms. Yuan on our work and achievements in 'the second round of the Party's practice of mass education', our firm's current development status, valued experience in internal governance and our development needs, and also put forward our advises and suggestions to the Party Committee of the industry and association.

   Ms. Yuan complimented our firm's work, features and achievements in carrying out the second round of the Party's practice of mass education' and pointed out that even the current drive is closing up, but the work style improvement of Party division shall keep on strengthening so as to establish a permanent mechanism. Next, as requested by Ms. Yuan, our firm shall combine the development of the party and the development of our core businesses, further enhance the primary level of Party organization, together with Work Union organization and Youth League Committee, and taking advantage of the exemplary roles played by party members to promote health development of the firm as well as the whole industry.


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